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Pets can be significantly impacted by poor air quality during wildfire season. Like humans, pets can experience respiratory problems and other health issues due to smoke and airborne pollutants generated by wildfires. PureVent Pet Oxygen Masks give these pets a fighting chance to survive. Oxygen is often the first line of treatment for emergency recovery. Oxygen helps to clear the pet’s body of carbon monoxide and replenish each cell in the body. Donating a set of PureVent Oxygen masks to your local Fire Department will equip first responders with the equipment needed to administer Oxygen to pets in need.

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Our PureVent Oxygen Masks come with 3 sizes to a set – small, medium and large. These sizes will fit the broadest range of animals

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PureVent Pet Oxygen Mask (Set of 3)


PureVent Pet Oxygen Masks are specifically designed for pets and offer a life-saving solution in emergency situations. With a unique design that reduces CO2 rebreathing by up to 80%, these masks provide optimal airflow and ensure pets get the oxygen they need to survive.

Quantity Discount Per Item Price
1 -$0.00 $99.99
2-5 -$9.99 $90.00
6-10 -$14.99 $85.00
11+ -$19.99 $80.00

What's Inside

PureVent Pet Oxygen Mask Set (small mask, medium mask, and large mask)

7 ft Oxygen Tubing

Additional Information

Durable polycarbonate base

Silicon over-mold for comfort fit

Ergonomically shaped to fit most pets

The PureVent Promise

PureVent Pet Oxygen Masks are the safest oxygen mask for animals on the market. Its patent-pending TriVent technology reduces CO2 rebreathing by up to 80% compared to other masks, and is the first Oxygen Mask, specifically made for animals.


Reduced CO2 Rebreathing

purevent pet oxygen mask

The First Oxygen Mask, Designed for Pet’s

Rebreathing is the primary consideration when designing a pet oxygen mask. Your pet’s mask must be able to vent carbon dioxide, heat, and humidity away from your pet when it exhales, preventing them from building up inside the mask.

Clear Visibility

For your pet’s comfort

Comfort Grip

Easily Administer Oxygen

PureVent Tech

Reduces cO2 up to 80%

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Use the PureVent Pet Oxygen Mask?

Fit the oxygen mask over your pet’s muzzle. The mask may cover the muzzle up to and including the rest of the head, depending on the pet’s size and head shape.

To acclimate your pet to the mask, hold the mask six inches away from your pet’s face and start the flow of oxygen. Slowly place the mask over your pet’s muzzle, giving them time to adjust to the oxygen flow and the presence of the mask. Most pets accept the mask once they feel the effects of the oxygen.

Which Size PureVent Pet Oxygen Mask Should I Purchase?

We recommend taking your pet’s measurements to ensure you select the correct size. We supply three mask sizes: small, medium, and large. Below are the measurements and weight recommendations for each.

Small: Depth: 2″ Diameter 3.5″ Best for cats and neonates

Medium: Depth: 3″ Diameter 3.5″ Best for dogs less than 20 lbs

Large: 4.5″ Diameter 5″ Best for dogs over 20 lbs

Are the PureVent Pet Oxygen Mask and Regulator Reusable?
Yes, they can be reused.

The PureVent Pet Oxygen Mask should be cleaned before being used on another pet or patient, or if it has become soiled. The mask can be washed with soap and warm water. Dry the mask completely before reusing it.

How Do I Clean My PureVent Pet Oxygen Mask?
Use warm soapy water to clean the PureVent Pet Oxygen Mask. Rinse the mask several times in clean water and let air dry prior to use.

Additionally, chlorhexidine solution or wipes can be used to sanitize the mask. Please note, any sanitizing product that is not thoroughly rinsed off can act as an irritant to your pet’s skin. Make sure to rinse the mask several times in clean water and let air dry prior to use.