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Oxygen Kit for Cats


Our Oxygen Kits for Cats are the perfect solution for pet owners who want to be prepared in case of an emergency, during transport to a care facility or want to administer Oxygen to a pet at home with a health condition. This product is available to purchase without a prescription.

What's Inside

Portable Oxygen Canisters 

PureVent Pet Oxygen Mask

Oxygen Tubing

Oxygen Flow Regulator

Additional Information

Important: Next Day Air not available for products containing Oxygen Canisters, per O2 shipping regulations, ground shipping only.


Oxygen Kit for Cats 0-11 lbs: includes 3 Oxygen Canisters, 1 PureVent Pet Oxygen Mask (Size Small), 7 ft Oxygen Tubing, 1 Regulator (0.5 LPM), and an EVA Travel Case.

Oxygen Kit for Cats 11+ lbs: includes 6 Oxygen Canisters, 1 PureVent Pet Oxygen Mask (Size Small), 7 ft Oxygen Tubing, 1 Regulator (1.0 LPM), and an EVA Travel Case.

Add additional Oxygen Canisters to your kit here!


Portable, Safe, Rescue Oxygen - when your pet needs it.

Packed in our EVA Hardcase, your kit comes with lightweight Oxygen Canisters, Regulator, Tubing and PureVent Oxygen Mask

Portable, Safe, Rescue Oxygen

When your pet need it most.

Life-Saving Oxygen at your fingertips.

As humans, we’re prepared for house fires, scraped knees, and bumped heads – but what about our pets? Keep a kit at home or in your car to use in case of an emergency and always be prepared with Pawprint.


Keep a kit in your car to administer Oxygen on the way to a Care Facility – supplemental Oxygen can give your pet extra time they need on the way to help.


Treat conditions like congestive heart failure (CHF), collapsing trachea, laryngeal paralysis and more – all at home. Our kits can be used for smoke inhalation or asthma attacks as well.

pure vent pet oxygen mask

Designed with your pet in mind

Our patented tri-vent design mitigates CO2 rebreathing and maximizes oxygen uptake. A polycarbonate base combined with a silicon grip ensures comfort and durability.

Clear Visibility

For your pet’s comfort

Comfort Grip

Easily Administer Oxygen

PureVent Tech

Reduces cO2 up to 80%

Customer Reviews

Based on 130 reviews
Great help

Love having oxygen available for our senior pup. It really helps him during syncope attacks.

Hi Victoria! Thank you for your review! We are very glad we could help you and your pup during such a stressful event as a syncopal event. We are wishing your pup the best.

Jeanne McKay

My Axel has collapsing trachea. I purchased the oxygen kit "just in case" he ever needs help. I'm praying he never needs it, but I'm comforted knowing I have a means of helping him if he ever does have a reason to need supplemental oxygen. I talked to his vet this past weekend (she is my neighbor) and she thought it was an excellent idea to have the kit on hand.

Hi Jeanne, thank you so much for sharing you and Axel's story with us! Collapsing trachea episodes can be scary, but we are glad to help provide some peace of mind to you both through the oxygen kit.

Elizabeth Gamble

Everything arrived on time and was easy to use.

Hi Elizabeth, thank you so much for your amazing review! We are glad to have met your expectations!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a prescription for this product?

No, we do not require a prescription for this oxygen source, the only product that requires a prescription is our Oxygen Concentrators.


Do I have to use the entire Oxygen Canister at once?
No, you can stop the flow of oxygen at any time by twisting the Regulator counter-clockwise and removing it from the Oxygen Canister. You can then use the remainder of the oxygen at a later date.
How Long Will Each Pawprint Oxygen Canister Last?

Pawprint Oxygen Canisters can last up to 30 minutes. How long the canisters last are dependent on the flow rate of your kit. The flow rate is the “dosage” of the oxygen drug and determines the rate at which the oxygen gas leaves the canister.

The regulator is a part of the Pawprint Oxygen Kit and is what dictates the flow rate. Pawprint Oxygen will provide you with a regulator that is pre-set to the flow rate you need based on the weight range you select.

The duration of each 15L Canister depends on the Regulator:

0.5 LPM Regulator – each Canister will last 30 minutes

1.0 LPM Regulator – each Canister will last 15 minutes

2.0 LPM Regulator – each Canister will last 7.5 minutes

3.0 LPM Regulator – each Canister will last 5 minutes

The duration of each 10L Canister depends on the Regulator:

0.5 LPM Regulator – each Canister will last 20 minutes

1.0 LPM Regulator – each Canister will last 10 minutes

2.0 LPM Regulator – each Canister will last 5 minutes

3.0 LPM Regulator – each Canister will last 3.3 minutes

How do I place the Pet Oxygen Mask on my pet?

Hold the mask 6 inches from your pet’s face and start the flow of oxygen. Slowly place the mask over your pet’s nose, giving them time to acclimate to the oxygen flow and the presence of the mask.

If your pet resists, and you are using a mask with a black rubber diaphragm, removing the rubber diaphragm on the end of the mask may help your pet accept the mask. Most pets accept the mask once they feel the effects of the oxygen.

*pet tip* pets inherently need some time to get used to the oxygen mask, they typically will not fight you during an episode but to get them used to the mask add some peanut butter or a treat inside the mask to practice!

Can Pawprint Oxygen Canisters be refilled?

Our Oxygen Canisters cannot be refilled. You may start and stop oxygen flow as many times as you would like. Once the Oxygen Canister is empty, it should be recycled as any aluminum can in your standard blue recycling bin or according to your local guidelines. You can reorder Oxygen Canisters as often as you need them.

Aren’t oxygen tanks dangerous? What makes your Canisters different?

The Pawprint Oxygen Canisters are small enough to hold in your hand and are under 1/10th the pressure of a large oxygen E-tank. They are lightweight and completely safe to use at home and in the car.

As they are under much less pressure, the Canisters are also safe in the heat (up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit) and cold, so they will remain safe to use, even if your package is left outside!

Oxygen is not flammable, but it is an accelerant, so we suggest keeping your Canisters away from open flames. The same as any aerosol can, do not puncture the Canister. The Canisters are rated safe to ship via UPS Ground by the Department of Transportation.

What is the shelf life of the Pawprint Oxygen Canisters?

Pawprint Oxygen Canisters have a shelf life of 2 years. It is still safe to use the oxygen canisters past the expiration date, as the 2-year shelf life covers the canister itself more than the oxygen it contains. We recommend testing to make sure your canister contains 10L of oxygen past the expiration date, as past that time, the pressure seal on the canister is not guaranteed. You can use the pressure gauge on your regulator to test whether the canister is still full, which indicates that your pressure seal is intact.

If you are unsure whether your Pawprint Oxygen Canisters are expired or if you have any questions, please call us at 855-699-4366. Please have your canisters with you while calling, as the Pawprint Oxygen Team Member will need the lot number printed on the bottom of each canister.

What is your return policy on unused Oxygen Canisters?

Within 30 days of your purchase, we can refund unopened packages minus a 20% restocking fee. Once the seal is broken, due to federal shipping regulations we are unable to accept returns. Many vet’s offices, hospitals, and shelters are happy to take these items as a donation.

Can you explain Regulator emptying speed?

As the canister releases pressure, initially your canister will seem to empty very fast since it starts at full and the pressure is high. As the canister empties, and the pressure is reduced, the emptying speed will slow down.

Please be aware that each flow rate dictates how fast each canister will empty. A 0.5LPM (Liter Per Minute) flow will empty a 10L canister in 20 minutes, and a 15L canister in 30 minutes. A 1.0LPM flow will empty a 10L canister in 10 minutes, and a 15L canister in 15 minutes. A 2.0LPM flow will empty a 10L canister in 5 minutes, and a 15L canister in 7.5 minutes. And a 3.0LPM flow will empty a 10L canister in 3.3 minutes, and a 15L canister in 5 minutes.

The regulator emptying speed will be fast at first, and then slow down, so don’t be alarmed if the dial reads halfway ’empty’, but it hasn’t been halfway through your canister emptying time. As the canister pressure lowers, the emptying speed lowers as well, so that each canister lasts its allotted time depending on the flow rate and canister size.

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