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Been out of town until yesterday, so my goal is to get all things working this weekend. Meantime, while we were gone, I had the dog sitter use the individual oxygen cans when needed.

Great help for our little one.

Our Sammy passed away last week. The oxygen cage was a great help to him. Thank you for your help.
Jill Maldonado

Oxygen Kit for Dogs
Lynne Partelow
Very nice to deal with

When I spoke with them they were very responsive and sent oxygen very quickly. Heartbreakingly my sweet boy died before oxygen arrived. They accepted my return with condolences and issued a credit promptly. Extremely good customer service. Would certainly reach out to them again if needed.

4H donation

Love the very sturdy construction of these masks. This will insure extended life of product after multiple uses by our Fire Department.

Pet Oxygen Concentrator, Drive 10

Oxygen tank

Excellent purchase for my babies


Works great for my chihuahua Bella. She will fall asleep during a treatment.

Cat loves it

My elder cat was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension and we got her the oxygen set up for respiratory support. She's decided the oxygen tent is her new cozy place and loves to nap in it! Also, Sarah with Pawprint was super supportive when I had questions.

Peace of mind

It was nice to have a system at home to help our dog’s breathing and he knew he was with us at the same time.

Pet Oxygen Cage, Buster ICU

Excellent service

I ordered a condenser and cage that was delivered in less than 24 hours. And a big thank you to the nice lady I spoke with 🐕💕 and whoever packed and expedited the shipping!



I love it and think it's very beneficial to my 12 yr old puppy.

When I first got it I had my vet come by to show me how to use it correctly. Very easy to operate. Just needed to know the setting which I was surprised to know it needs to be on 5 which is the highest setting. I just hope it doesn't need to be increased as time go on because it's at the highest now. You need to run it for 15 minutes beforehand so that it will fill up. Once your puppy is inside you need to unzip and leave it open on top 6 inces so her carbon monoxide escapes. At first my dog was content until my son stuck his hand inside to pet her. Having a very smart dog she was able to stick her head out and escape lol. Now I put her soft blanket with her move the zipper opening to the side and watch her for 45 mins as she falls asleep and loves it! Best thing I could have bought for her. The cage folds up into a narrow case and the oxygen is the size of a small suitcase. This will be easy to travel with when we drive to Florida this Feb. She has copd and pulmonary hypertension and now her trachea collapses. Although she is very active and keeps up with her brother if I can give her a better quality of life for however long with this is well worth it. Thank you 💜


Great customer service. Oxygen concentrator and ICU chamber are well made, packaged well, easy to set up. These items have been critical to my dogs recovery. Would recommend to anyone!

Excellent customer service

I never got a chance to use it for my senior dog as she passed before it arrived, but this review is for the customer service. The person I communicated with was very helpful and understanding. I was able to return the unopened unit with a 20% restocking fee. A vet prescription is required and shipping took about a week. I would recommend this unit to any pet parent whose pet has a collapsed trachea or breathing issues.

Grateful for Pawprint

The oxygen cage gave our boy Ricky one more precious day of life, and for that we will be forever grateful. It’s a wonderful option for oxygen dependent fur babies! ❤️💕


Thank you for such good customer service

Oxygen Kit for Dogs
Susan VerBurg
Emergency help for my Mimi

Fantastic! The entire Palm Springs California area has no 24 hour ER for animals

Oxygen Kit for Dogs
Jada Fulmore
Added Security

I have a French Bulldog and anyone who has one knows that their respiratory distress can be frightening. I decided to look for oxygen when my girl needed coupage and steam baths last month. Those methods along with homeopathic therapies, and rest saved me a major vet bill. Now that I have this oxygen kit, I may be able to skip the steam bath, but the coupage is still an amazing intervention. I try to take my nurse hat off when it comes to her, but it’s difficult and maybe is a blessing.

Oxygen box and concentrator

My kitty likes it, but I worry about the gray port coming loose. We haven't had to use the mask yet. I wonder how to safely store the oxygen bottles and how long they retain their charge It came very quickly with the overnight, so, after a bit of a struggle to set up the box (one side was easy, the other not!) it was ready for little Sally when she came home from the vet. She was used to the box at the vet's and moved into her box like it was home..

Oxygen Kit for Dogs
Constance Miller

Thank you for all of your assistance. My sweet girl passed on August 3rd

Oxygen Concentrator Pro 5

The decision to get the concentrator, vs getting oxygen tanks, was simple as tanks only last a few hours. Obviously it does make some noise when it’s running but isn’t terribly loud, certainly not loud enough to hear through a wall. It’s easy to get it started with all tubing, even in an emergency. Also, I was more the pleasantly surprised to see that it was made in the USA!

Pet Oxygen Cage

The Pet Oxygen Cage is well made and easy to assemble and breakdown. It’s also very easy to clean in between uses. I most definitely recommend this product, even if you’re just keeping it on hand for emergency scenarios.

Oxygen Kit for Dogs
Pamela Griffin
Peace of Mind

O2 is so easy to use . Very easy to set up quickly which is so important when O2 needs to be administered ASAP.. highly recommend this lifesaving equipment

Oxygen Kit for Dogs
James Taylor
A Lifesaver...

Pawprint Oxygen is a lifesaver for our pug. She has had breathing issues and respiratory disease for a while now and all that was ever given to her was more and more medications that left her sleeping all the time. The opportunity of giving her oxygen ourselves has so much improved her quality of life and she is off all those medications. So we couldn't be more thankful for this. Thank you so much!! Plus, the customer service is so polite, professional, and follows up. We truly appreciate them too! A wonderful company.