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Pet Oxygen Cage, Buster ICU


The Buster ICU Pet Oxygen Cage is a revolutionary product designed for safe and easy administration of oxygen therapy to pets. Featuring a unique Venturi system, it provides the optimal level of oxygen and disperses carbon dioxide, heat, and humidity, ensuring comfort and safety for your pet. Made with high-quality materials, it’s durable for everyday veterinary use and protects pets from external elements. Ideal for clinics, hospitals, and home use.

What's Inside

Buster ICU Oxygen Cage

Venturi Oxygen Kit

Carry Case

Ice Packs

Comfort Mat

Additional Information

Note: Small and Medium Cages can be used with a 5 Liter continuous flow Oxygen Concentrator such as the Pawprint Oxygen Pro 5

Large Cages require higher flow rates to achieve safe levels of oxygen saturation and should be used with a 10 Liter continuous flow Oxygen Concentrator like the Drive Medical 1025DS

The Venturi difference

The Venturi Kit is included with every Buster ICU Oxygen Cage. It determines the oxygen level in the Cage by mixing room air with pure oxygen from the oxygen source. This process also multiplies the total airflow through the Cage, which helps to disperse carbon dioxide, heat, and humidity. 

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Happy Paws

We’ve helped thousands of pet parents and veterinarians administer life-saving Oxygen to animals

Sam R.

“Pawprint Oxygen is a wonderful company–staff is helpful, knowledgeable and caring. Our 16-year old chihuahua, Lily, has heart problems and sometimes has seizures. The oxygen has helped her tremendously and gives us all peace of mind. We purchased both the concentrator and the canisters so we are covered at home and everywhere else.”

Clark T.

“Amazing product. My dog responds immediately to the oxygen therapy and his breathing problems immediately improve. Thanks to Pawprint Oxygen I can be calm and confident that a breathing issue will not result in a trip to the hospital. I highly recommend both the canisters and the concentrator with ICU cage.”

Garret M.

“Pawprint has helped my dogs breathing issues greatly. He has Congestive Heart Failure and needs a little extra help breathing at times. There customer service is so friendly and easy to work with. Thank you Pawprint for helping keep out little guys Spike a little more comfortable.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What size Oxygen Cage should I get?

We recommend measuring your pet and comparing their measurements to the dimensions of each Cage size. Your pet should be able to fit comfortably in the Cage both when standing up and when laying down. When in doubt, size up!

Cage dimensions:

Small: 18″ x 13″ x 13″
Medium: 24″ x 18″ x 18″
Large: 44″ x 26″ x 26″

Small and Medium Cages can be supplied by a 5 Liter Oxygen Concentrator. A Large Cage requires the use of a 10 Liter Oxygen Concentrator.

How do I set the oxygen saturation level inside the Cage?

The Buster ICU Oxygen Cage comes with multi-colored fittings that allow you to select the oxygen saturation level that is recommended by your veterinarian. These fittings are called Venturi Adaptors, and they set the saturation level of oxygen by mixing room air with the oxygen supply from the Oxygen Concentrator. This also has the important benefit of multiplying the total airflow to the system, which is critical to displacing heat, humidity, and the toxic carbon dioxide that your pet is exhaling in the oxygen cage.

The available oxygen settings are: 25%, 28%, 35%, 40%, 60%, and 100%. The most commonly used setting is the 40% Venturi, but you should ask your veterinarian about the best oxygen saturation level for your pet.

I found a cheaper Oxygen Cage on Amazon, will it work?
For your pet’s safety, be careful! Many “oxygen cages” on Amazon are simply rebranded pet crates that don’t have the appropriate features to maintain a safe environment for your pet.

It’s important that your oxygen cage allows you to set the oxygen level depending on your pet’s needs. If the oxygen level in the cage is too high, your pet can experience oxygen toxicity, which can result in injury or death. If the oxygen level is too low, your pet might not be getting the therapy they need.
The Buster ICU Oxygen Cage uses the Venturi System to set the oxygen level in the cage based on your vet’s recommendations.

Another critical part of your oxygen cage setup is the displacement of carbon dioxide. Your pet is exhaling carbon dioxide with each breath, and without proper airflow and ventilation, carbon dioxide can build up and become unsafe for your pet. The Buster ICU Oxygen Cage uses the Venturi System to multiply the airflow through the Cage, which flushes out excess carbon dioxide.

It’s also important to consider ventilation and build quality. If you have questions about your oxygen cage setup, give us a call at (855) 699-4366, we’re happy to help!

What oxygen supply do I need for the Buster ICU Oxygen Cage?
In order to achieve safe levels of oxygen, carbon dioxide, heat, and humidity inside the Buster ICU Oxygen Cage, you need to supply it with a continuous flow, medical-grade Oxygen Concentrator. Your Oxygen Concentrator needs to be able to produce >90% oxygen at flow rates from 5 to 10 liters per minute.

The Small and Medium Buster ICU Cages require a flow rate of at least 5 liters per minute. The Large Buster ICU Cage requires a flow rate of 10 liters per minute.

What is included with my Oxygen Cage purchase?

Please note that this cage does not produce or contain oxygen and it is imperative that you have a safe oxygen source to use with this item.

Each Oxygen Cage purchase includes the full Venturi System, 7 feet of oxygen tubing, a convenient carrying case to store your cage when folded up, as well as ice packs that can be inserted into the comfort pad to help keep your pet cool.

The air flow coming into the Cage doesn’t feel like a lot, Is this normal?

This is very normal! Even at the highest flow, there will not be a strong blast of air entering the cage. You should feel the oxygen flowing inside the port, but this should be gentle and free of noise.

Each Oxygen Cage purchase includes the full Venturi System, 7 feet of oxygen tubing, a convenient carrying case to store your cage when folded up, as well as ice packs that can be inserted into the comfort pad to help keep your pet cool.

My pet has created a small tear/rip in the Cage. Is it still operational?

Absolutely! Even though the Buster ICU cage is made with thick, durable vinyl, accidents still may happen. A small tear or rip can be repaired at home using duct tape or masking tape to seal the hole. As the cage operates with the zipper flap partially open when in use, having a small tear in the cage’s shell does not decrease the effectiveness of the oxygen.

If the tear is large or becomes detrimental to the cage’s functionality, you can call in to purchase a replacement fabric shell.

I accidentally removed the gray port on the Cage. How do I put it back together?

This is a very easy fix! There are 4 parts to this port: the male threaded portion, the soft rubber O-Ring, the hard plastic O-Ring, and the female-threaded collar. You’ll push the male-threaded portion through the hole in the cage shell from the inside so that the threading is visible on the outside. Those two white rings should then rest inside of the male-threaded half of the gray port, soft rubber ring first and the harder plastic ring in second. The female-threaded collar then screws onto the exposed portion and can be finger-tightened.

Is the Oxygen Cage and Concentrator safe for my exotic pet?

Absolutely! If your pets fits within the size range of our available cages, they can safely receive oxygen therapy like any cat or dog. We’ve worked with exotics across the board from chickens and goats to lizards and gerbils!

We’ll work with your veterinarian to create the safest and most effective environment for your pets, whether they be feathered or scaled.

Can I use the Pawprint Oxygen Canisters to supply the Buster ICU Oxygen cage with oxygen?

The Buster ICU Oxygen Cage requires a higher flow rate of oxygen than the canisters can produce. Using anything less than 5LPM (Liters Per Minute) for the small and medium Buster ICU Oxygen Cage and 10LPM for the large Buster ICU Oxygen Cage will create an unsafe environment for your pet. We advise using an oxygen concentrator, such as the Pawprint Pro5 or the Drive Medical 1025DS units with the Buster ICU Oxygen Cages.

The highest flow rate available in the Pawprint Oxygen canisters is 3.0LPM, as they are meant to be used with a Pet Oxygen Mask.

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