Portable Oxygen for Veterinarians

Supply your veterinary clinic with portable, safe, and consumer-friendly Oxygen for Pets.

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Rethink Portable Oxygen

Supply your veterinary clinic with portable oxygen for use during transport, in your clinic, and at home. Stocked in thousands of veterinary hospitals, Pawprint Oxygen is your go-to for oxygen equipment.

pawprint pet oxygen for veterinarians

For Your Practice

Available through MWI, Midwest and Vetcove.

how veterinarians can prescribe pawprint oxygen to pet parents

For Your Clients

Send a prescription for home delivery to your clients.

How home delivery works

Fill out our RX Form by clicking the button above. Submit the form via fax (855-699-3366) or email (info@pawprintoxygen.com)

We’ll take it from there! We call the pet parent to get them set up based on your prescription.

We handle all of the billing, shipping, and setup. We ship products right to their door and our dedicated support team is just a phone call away.

Veterinarians Using Pawprint

Dr. Biddle, DVM, DACVECC

“As a critical care specialist, I have cases that need oxygen during transport or while at home. Pawprint Oxygen is exactly what I was looking for the past few decades!”

Dr. Sara, DVM

“It has been a literal lifesaver for our patients”

Dr. Cross, DVM, DACVIM

“I wish I had this product my whole career”

oxygen for veterinarians

Prescribe Peace of Mind

Diagnosing heart failure, pulmonary hypertension, collapsing trachea, and other conditions can be tough on your clients. Equipping them with rescue oxygen gives them peace of mind and a life line to get back to you in the event of a respiratory emergency.

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Portable oxygen for triage, exam rooms, radiology, and more!

Medical Transport

Support oxygen-dependent pets on the way to the ER

Home Rescue

Oxygen to support pets at home and on the way to professional care

Saving lives at home and on the go

Our Portable Oxygen Kits for Pets are lightweight and safe, empowering you to administer oxygen in any situation.
Use them to transport oxygen-dependent patients and dispense them to clients that might need support on the way back to you.

pet oxygen concentrator and cage pawprint oxygen

Oxygen Concentrators & Cages

Professional-grade equipment for pets that require long term oxygen therapy at home.

Our Oxygen Cage uses Venturi technology to set the oxygen level to your preference and reduce carbon dioxide, heat, and humidity to maintain a safe environment.

We can delivery right to your clients’ homes, just send a prescription and we’ll take it from there! You can also order this equipment for use in your hospital.

pet oxygen concentrator and cage pawprint oxygen

When would I prescribe oxygen?

Oxygen has been used in veterinary medicine for decades to treat hypoxemia resulting from a variety of conditions. But before now, heavy tanks were holding you back!

We made it possible to administer safe, portable oxygen in the palm of your hand. No more heavy, dangerous tanks. Now you and your clients can administer oxygen in any situation. 


For common conditions

Congestive heart failure, collapsing trachea, laryngeal paralysis, feline asthma, hypertension, anxiety, heat stroke, and more.


for hospice & palliative care

Professional-grade equipment to keep pets comfortable and safe at home. 


anxious pets and brachycephalics

Introduce oxygen to owners of anxious pets and brachycephalics to give them peace of mind.

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How to Order

Pawprint Oxygen is available through leading veterinary distributors in the industry like MWI, Midwest, and Vetcove. 

Place Your order

Through one of our distributors or through us directly

Schedule a demo

Learn about our product line and how they are be prescribed to your patients

stock or prescribe

Don’t have room to house our kits? No problem! Prescribe our products and we’ll take care of the rest

Advancing pre-hospital care with accessible oxygen

Respiratory distress is pervasive — it can happen anytime, anywhere. At Pawprint Oxygen, we’re dedicated to providing the tools that vets and pet owners need to provide immediate care when it’s needed most. With the help of thousands of veterinarians like you, we’ve been able to spread the word and help animals get the emergency care they need, when they need it.