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Rescue Oxygen Kits

Keep your pet's rescue oxygen kit in your home or in your car for immediate access to life-saving care. Our oxygen kits have helped thousands of pets recover from respiratory distress, or get to care with time for care.

Rescue Kits

Save money, reduce anxiety

Extended Therapy

Extended therapy and recovery options at your veterinarian can range from $1000-$2000/day. For pet parents who want to administer therapy in the comfort of their own home, while under the guidance of their veterinarian, our extended bundles are for you.

Extended Therapy

Pet Parents

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Tina S.

Saved my Cats life

My cat had not one but two very bad asthma attacks yesterday, and her rescue inhaler wasn't cutting it. At 2am I pulled out the oxygen kit and used it for the first time. It helped stabilize her and saved me a trip to the ER vet, which costs thousands of dollars. I am so glad I have access to Pawprint.

Mary U.

Vet Tech Approved!

Thank you for existing! Finding oxygen has always been so hard and expensive, until now! High quality product (love the tiny suitcase). Pet insurance covered it.

Joshua A.

So glad this exists

My dog suffers from collapsing trachea. He had a really bad breathing episode a few weeks ago and meds weren't cutting it so I ordered the oxygen chamber set. Customer service was fantastic.

Sara Robertson

Big $$ Saver

Exceptional service & support. Has made a significant difference and improved our 16 yo pup’s quality of life. Thank you.

Judith Surratt

Appreciate the product

I was very pleasantly surprised with the product - it helps my dog, is really easy to use and my dog has been easily getting accustomed to me using it. So happy that I found it! Thank you!

The Science

Behind Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen therapy is beneficial for pets as it enhances oxygen delivery to tissues and organs. It supports respiratory function, improves healing and recovery, reduces symptoms of hypoxia, and stabilizes pets in critical condition. Overall, it is a vital tool in veterinary medicine for supporting pets with compromised respiratory function or severe systemic illnesses.

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Enhanced transport for

Veterinary Medicine

Oxygen therapy was slow to be adopted in veterinary medicine due to less advanced technology and slower research. It gained popularity in the latter half of the 20th century due to its benefits for pets with respiratory and cardiovascular conditions. Today, it is a standard and critical component of veterinary care.

For Vets

Who's Using Oxygen Therapy for Pets?

Pet Owners

For use during transport, at-home care, or in an emergency event like a house fire, respiratory distress or if you have a high-risk pet.


Have a way to transport pets, on oxygen, between care facilities. Prescribe to high-risk patients to make sure they have care at home or on the way back to care.

Rescue, Breeders, or Daycares

Oxygen solutions for caring for a high volume of pets at a time in your facility. Keep on hand as a rescue device at grooming or daycare facilities.

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