Pawprint Oxygen is a convenient, portable, and cost effective system for providing oxygen therapy to animals during transport, in hospital, and in home.



If you are a veterinarian or you represent an animal hospital, you can request an account here to view and buy Pawprint Oxygen online. If you already have an account, you can log in here.  We also accept orders over the phone, so you can give us a call at 855-699-4366 to get started!

Pet owner

We need a prescription from your veterinarian to get started. You can download this form and send it to your veterinarian, giving them all the information they need to write and send a prescription. Once we receive the prescription, we’ll give you a call to complete the order!

How it Works

Pawprint Oxygen comes with three items: A canister of oxygen, a reusable regulator, and a pet oxygen mask with tubing.

Each canister provides 10 liters of Oxygen USP which will provide 5-20 minutes of oxygen therapy depending on the animal’s weight.

Use the chart on the canister to determine the correct regulator based on the animal’s weight. Attach the tubing from the oxygen mask to the regulator. Then, attach the regulator to the canister and twist to begin flow.

If additional oxygen therapy is needed, attach the regulator to a new canister.

Better Oxygen Therapy


Our oxygen canisters are small and lightweight, allowing for easy transport in clinic and on the road. Leave the heavy cylinders behind with Pawprint Oxygen.


Our system comes ready-to-go with a mask, tubing, and easy-to-use regulator. Simply insert the regulator into the canister and twist to start oxygen flow.


Try Pawprint Oxygen in your clinic for minimal upfront cost! We give you everything you need, right out of the box.


Our low pressure canisters are safe to use during transport and completely disposable. That means no more E-cylinders in the back seat, and no more complicated returns!

Ready to get started?