Oxygen for pets, shipped to your door.

Pawprint Oxygen is the leading oxygen therapy for pets, trusted by thousands of veterinary hospitals.

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Breathe Easy with a Portable Oxygen Kit for your Pet

We help you and your pet breathe easy with Portable Oxygen Kits specifically designed for your pet. Administer safe and portable oxygen at home and on the go (without the heavy tank!)

Trusted by Veterinarians and Pet Parents

Alice L. & Tinker

I can’t thank Pawprint Oxygen enough for saving my dog’s life (literally)! My dog has a collapsed trachea that cannot be stented so the Internal Vet prescribed this to provide some extra relief. I have been using this every day whenever she is having difficulties breathing on her own.

Jackie S. & Scout

I am so thankful that our vet told us about Paw Print Oxygen. It enables us to give Ricky, our 13-year-old Havanese with CHF, the relief he needs much quicker than taking him to the emergency hospital. An added bonus is that it costs a lot less than a hospital visit.

Amy M. & Bear

I cannot recommend Pawprint Oxygen enough! I have a 13-year-old beagle that has had seizures since she was about 2. Normally, when she has them, she is in active convulsions for 4-5 minutes. I have a friend who is a flight nurse who suggested oxygen. Her seizures have decreased in duration and her recovery time is much faster since we started using Pawprint Oxygen.

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Pawprint Oxygen delivers medical-grade oxygen equipment to your door. Administer long-term oxygen therapy with an Oxygen Concentrator and Cage that you can trust!

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Pawprint Oxygen for Hospitals

Trusted by 4,000+ veterinary hospitals

When do pets need Oxygen?

Respiratory distress can happen anywhere, brought on by anxiety, heat, exercise, or chronic conditions like heart failure, asthma, collapsed trachea, and laryngeal paralysis. 

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