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PureVent Pet Oxygen Mask


The PureVent Pet Oxygen Mask provides life-saving oxygen to animals during respiratory distress and emergency situations. Lightweight and ergonomic, the PureVent mask is easy to hold and administer Oxygen to your pet. The transparent construction of the mask ensures that pets feel comfortable and safe while providing optimal visibility. The PureVent Pet Oxygen Mask is a must-have for Pet Parents, Animal Hospitals, Veterinarians, and Fire Departments.

What's Inside

PureVent Pet Oxygen Mask

7 ft Oxygen Tubing

Additional Information

Durable polycarbonate base

Silicon over-mold for comfort fit

Ergonomically shaped to fit most pets

The PureVent Promise

PureVent Pet Oxygen Masks are the safest oxygen mask for animals on the market. Its patent-pending TriVent technology reduces CO2 rebreathing by up to 80% compared to other masks, and is the first Oxygen Mask, specifically made for animals.


Reduced CO2 Rebreathing

pure vent pet oxygen mask

Designed with your pet in mind

Our patented tri-vent design mitigates CO2 rebreathing and maximizes oxygen uptake. A polycarbonate base combined with a silicon grip ensures comfort and durability.

Clear Visibility

For your pet’s comfort

Comfort Grip

Easily Administer Oxygen

PureVent Tech

Reduces cO2 up to 80%

Happy Paws

We’ve helped thousands of pet parents and veterinarians administer life-saving Oxygen to animals

Bridget M.

“Pawprint is super easy to work with! They are always friendly and knowledgeable! If you have a little fur baby that is in need of oxygen, I highly recommend them for your needs. Pawprint has been a life saver, literally, for our baby boy Charlie!”

Carol S.

“Our 18 year old dog has had a few episodes, pawprint oxygen has helped him recover. They are super easy to order from, and just as easy in user friendliness with the oxygen tanks. We just reordered!”

Garret M.

“Pawprint has helped my dogs breathing issues greatly. He has Congestive Heart Failure and needs a little extra help breathing at times. There customer service is so friendly and easy to work with. Thank you Pawprint for helping keep out little guys Spike a little more comfortable.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Use the PureVent Pet Oxygen Mask?

Fit the oxygen mask over your pet’s muzzle. The mask may cover the muzzle up to and including the rest of the head, depending on the pet’s size and head shape.

To acclimate your pet to the mask, hold the mask six inches away from your pet’s face and start the flow of oxygen. Slowly place the mask over your pet’s muzzle, giving them time to adjust to the oxygen flow and the presence of the mask. Most pets accept the mask once they feel the effects of the oxygen.

What makes the PureVent mask better than others on the market?

Utilizing Pawprint’s patented Tri-Vent design, PureVent Pet Oxygen Mask reduces harmful carbon dioxide inhalation up to 80% compared to other pet masks. An increased ability to remove CO2 makes PureVent Pet Oxygen Masks the safest choice for your pet’s oxygen therapy.

I noticed the PureVent masks don’t have a rubber diaphragm. What’s the benefit of this design?

Other masks have tight seals that pull on pet’s fur and cause discomfort to pets snouts. PureVent masks are triangular shaped and fit the muzzle more comfortably with no hair pull. Increased comfort means increased oxygen intake by your pet!

Which Size PureVent Pet Oxygen Mask Should I Purchase?

We recommend taking your pet’s measurements to ensure you select the correct size. We supply three Pet Oxygen Mask sizes: small, medium, and large. Below are the measurements and weight recommendations for each.

Small: 2″ Depth, 3.5″ Diameter (typically for pets under 5lbs)

Medium: 3″ Depth, 3.5″ Diameter (typically for pets 5-20lbs)

Large: 4.5″ Depth, 5″ Diameter (typically for pets 20+lbs OR brachycephalic breeds with flatter muzzles)

Are the PureVent Pet Oxygen Mask and Regulator Reusable?

Yes, they both can be reused indefinatly! 

How Do I Clean My PureVent Pet Oxygen Mask?
Use warm soapy water to clean the PureVent Pet Oxygen Mask. Rinse the mask several times in clean water and let air dry prior to use.

Additionally, chlorhexidine solution or wipes can be used to sanitize the mask. Please note, any sanitizing product that is not thoroughly rinsed off can act as an irritant to your pet’s skin. Make sure to rinse the mask several times in clean water and let air dry prior to use.

The Reviews Are In

Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews
Mew Piriyakul-Frye
Peace of mind in crisis period

I have the oxygen concentrator during the hospice period of my boy Queso. We had a chance to use it during his last period before he went to rainbow bridge. I am so grateful that we had this tool with us on that crisis day.

Kyle kyle

Luckily we haven't had to use are oxygen cage or travel set but its nice knowing we are prepared..its a very high quality set up ..thanks paw prints

Alec Edgeworgh
Love it

The best customer service ever received. My pet loves his oxygen cage. He thinks he’s at a spa! Used it after visit to vet. It is so reassuring to have on hand as well as portable tanks