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Submitting a Prescription for Home Delivery

Veterinarians can submit a prescription by completing the form and sending it by fax (855-699-3366) or email (


For prescriptions submitted within normal business hours (M-F, 9am-5pm EST), pet owners can expect a call from a Pawprint Oxygen Team Member within 2 hours to complete their order. For prescriptions submitted outside of normal business hours, pet owners can expect a call the next business day.

Billing & Shipping

Pawprint Oxygen handles all billing, shipping, and equipment education directly with the client for home delivery orders

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If your order is urgent or requires special instructions, please call us at 855-699-4366

Oxygen Flow Rate & Dosage Guidelines

In this section, we will review oxygen flow rate and dosage guidelines by product.


You are responsible for determining the oxygen flow rate and/or oxygen level based on the delivery method, animal weight, and desired inspired concentration. While Pawprint Oxygen provides guidelines, it is the attending veterinarian’s responsibility to determine administration and dosage.

portable oxygen for dogs

Portable Oxygen Kits

Our Portable Oxygen Kits are designed to be used at home and during transport. Each kit includes Oxygen Canisters, a Regulator, a PureVent Mask, tubing, and an EVA travel case.

The following standard Portable Oxygen Kits are available:.

The Flow Rate

For standard kits is based on a dosage of 100 ml/kg/min. The Regulator is factory-set to the prescribed flow rate and cannot be changed by the client. If you would like to prescribe a different flow rate, either select the corresponding Kit or select “Custom Kit” on the approval form and write in the desired flow rate. More on this below…

The Duration

Of the kit can be increased by purchasing additional Pawprint Oxygen Canisters, which contain 15 liters of oxygen (99%) each. Veterinarians DO NOT need to indicate the number of Oxygen Canisters on the prescription form. At a minimum, the Kit will include enough oxygen to match the advertised duration. If the client would like to purchase additional Oxygen Canisters, they may do so. This is common for clients who may need more oxygen due to longer drives and more frequent therapy sessions.

The Mask

Refers to the PureVent Pet Oxygen Mask, which is included in all kits. Dosage guidelines for other administration methods (i.e. nasal cannula) are provided below, in the event that you wish to connect a different administration method.

Prescribing a Custom Kit

To prescribe a custom kit, you must indicate the oxygen flow rate. Consult the chart below for dosage guidelines based on pet weight and administration method.

All Oxygen Kits come with the PureVent Pet Oxygen Mask. For Custom Kits, our team will include the correct mask size based on the patient.

You may choose to prescribe a lower or higher flow rate depending on the pet’s needs. If in doubt, it is recommended to prescribe a higher flow rate because oxygen toxicity is not a risk with this product, therefore, higher oxygen flow rates are unlikely to have a negative effect.

Dosage: 50 mL/kg/min (nasal cannula)

Dosage: 50 mL/kg/min (nasal cannula)

Dosage: 200 mL/kg/min (Tight-Fitting Mask)

Dosage: 100 mL/kg/min (PureVent Mask)

Animal Weight<br />
Flow Rate<br />
Duration per  Canister<br />
0-5 kg (0-11 lb)<br />
1.0 LPM<br />
15 min<br />
6-10 kg (12-22 lb)<br />
2.0 LPM<br />
7.5 min<br />
11-15 kg (23-33)<br />
3.0 LPM<br />
5 min

Dosage: 200 mL/kg/min (Tight-Fitting Mask)

Oxygen Concentrators

Oxygen Concentrators generate oxygen from the air, delivering high-purity oxygen on a continuous basis. They are an excellent solution for long-term oxygen therapy because they do not to be refilled or replaced.

Pawprint Oxygen provides high-quality Oxygen Concentrators that are capable of supplying a continuous flow of medical-grade oxygen (>95% purity).

Oxygen Concentrators may be used with a PureVent Pet Oxygen Mask or an Oxygen Cage.

Drive 10 Liter Oxygen Concentrator for pets

Administration via PureVent Pet Oxygen Mask

A PureVent Pet Oxygen Mask may be purchased with the Oxygen Concentrator. Vets should indicate a flow rate (1-10 LPM) for flow by Mask. You may choose to follow the 100 mL/kg/min dosage guidelines in the chart above or prescribe a higher flow rate based on the pet’s condition and oxygen needs.

Administration via Oxygen Cage

An Oxygen Cage may be prescribed for use with the Oxygen Concentrator. The oxygen level in the Cage can be set between 25-55% using the included venturi pieces. To approve the use of an Oxygen Cage, veterinarians must indicate the desired oxygen level on the prescription approval form.

The actual oxygen level may vary by +/-5 % due to venting and air exchange.

Oxygen Cages are available in the following sizes:

  • Medium (24″ x 18″ x 18″): For pets under 25 lbs
  • Large (44″ x 26″ x 26″): For pets under 65 lbs

For pets larger than 65 lbs, it is recommended to use a PureVent Pet Oxygen Mask with the Oxygen Concentrator.

When using an Oxygen Cage, the oxygen flow rate is dependent on the size of the cage, not the weight of the pet. Small and Medium Oxygen Cages require a flow rate of 5 liters per minute, which can be provided by the Pro 5 Oxygen Concentrator. The Large Oxygen Cage requires a flow rate of 10 liters per minute, which can be provided by the Drive 1025DS Oxygen Concentrator.

For more information on the Venturi System and how our Oxygen Cage manages heat, CO2, and humidity, read this article.

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