Extended Oxygen Therapy Bundle for Pets, up to 10 lbs


Bundle and save! Our Combo is the perfect solution for pet owners who want to provide their pets, who weigh under 25 lbs, with top-notch veterinary care from the comfort of their own home. Supply pure oxygen to pets recovering from surgery, dealing with respiratory distress, or other health conditions. With its durable construction and low noise level, the Pro 5 is built to last and won’t disturb your pet’s rest or relaxation. And the best part? You’ll never have to worry about refilling an oxygen tank again, as it converts air from its surroundings.

Pet Oxygen Concentrator, Pro 5

A 5 liter continuous flow oxygen concentrator that can generate high purity oxygen to supply a Small or Medium Buster ICU Pet Oxygen Cage. Designed to be plugged into a wall outlet and used at home.

Pet Oxygen Cage, Buster ICU

A veterinary-grade oxygen chamber designed for safe and easy oxygen administration. Featuring a unique Venturi system, it provides the optimal level of oxygen and disperses carbon dioxide, heat, and humidity, ensuring comfort and safety for your pet.

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What's Inside

( 1 ) Pro 5L Oxygen Concentrator for Pets

( 1 ) Small Buster ICU Oxygen Cage for Pets

Additional Information

Small Buster ICU Oxygen Cage is compatible with the Pro 5L Oxygen Concentrator. This Oxygen Cage and Concentrator is best for animals up to 10 lbs

Emergency Oxygen, when your pet needs it.

Administer at home, on a hike, in the car or on the way to emergency care center – always be prepared with Pawprint

The Reviews Are In

Customer Reviews

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Great Product and Service

My dog had a ruptured chordae tendineae and needed a week of oxygen therapy till the meds started to help her heart. This device saved me a few days in the ER which would have been thousands of dollars. The company was very helpful in answering my questions about setup and best use for my dog.

adda wong
Machine is a lifesaver

My baby was diagnosed with a collapse trachea and the vets basically told us that she was on borrowed time. After doing my research and pushing the ER vet to write me a prescription, I'm so glad we purchased the oxygen kit. After being released from the hospital, we've been putting our baby in the oxygen cage for 15 mins morning/night *consult with your vet on timing*. It's been a few weeks and we've seen significant improvements. Highly recommend it!!

Brenna Boston

The customer service really helped with answering my questions I had,especially when u had the rental of machine .I was very pleased very much.It made my cat feel better .Thank you.🐱

Oxygen, delivered to your pet in the comfort of your own home.

Administer treatment at home with Extended Therapy Oxygen.


Pure Oxygen