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Learn how to use our products, prescribe to clients, and become an expert on pet oxygen therapy — all in one place.

Literature & Downloads

Prescription for Home Delivery

Veterinarians can fill out this form to approve a prescription

Whitepaper on Rescue Oxygen

Dive deeper into how rescue oxygen is used in veterinary medicine.

Product Manuals

Portable Oxygen Kit Manual

Buster ICU Oxygen Cage Manual

Videos & Tutorials

Setting up the Venturi Kit on your Pet Oxygen Cage

Learn how to use the Venturi Kit to set the oxygen level in the cage and mitigate heat, humidity, and CO2

How vets are using Pawprint Oxygen

Hear from four veterinarians and technicians who use Pawprint Oxygen at their veterinary practice!

How Dr. Greer has used Pawprint Oxygen for 100+ pets!

Dr. Greer is the owner of Woodhaven Animal Hospital in Michigan. She has prescribed Pawprint Oxygen to hundreds of patients to manage conditions like heart failure, asthma, and anxiety.

How Dr. Donita, a Mobile Veterinarian, uses Pawprint Oxygen

Dr. Donita is a mobile veterinarian in Florida. She uses Pawprint Oxygen for emergency triage and to support pets on the way to the emergency hospital.