How to get Pawprint Oxygen

If you have made it this far, you may be asking yourself how to get Pawprint Oxygen.

Most importantly, you need a prescription!

Pawprint Oxygen is administered by veterinary prescription only. Prescriptions can be emailed to or faxed to 855-699-3366.

You can download our Prescription Approval Form and send it to your veterinarian, giving them everything they need to write and send a prescription.

The reason we require a prescription is to ensure that your animal is getting the best care possible. If your veterinarian does not currently offer Pawprint Oxygen, we are happy to contact them and discuss the benefits of adding Pawprint to their clinic.

Secondly, use our very cool interactive map to see if your local animal hospital or veterinarian carries Pawprint Oxygen! Don’t see your animal hospital? Ask your veterinarian to send us a prescription and we can ship Pawprint Oxygen right to your door. Download our prescription guidelines here.

How to get Pawprint Oxygen

Check out the map here!

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