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When do pets need Oxygen?

All animals need oxygen to function, but you knew that! What we’re going to talk about here is why some animals need more oxygen than they can breathe in from the air, also known as supplemental oxygen.

There are a variety of reasons why a pet might need supplemental oxygen. Some pets have chronic conditions like heart failure, asthma, or laryngeal paralysis. These conditions, and more, can cause respiratory distress.

Outside factors like anxiety, trauma, heat stroke, and smoke inhalation can also cause respiratory distress. Ultimately, respiratory distress can lead to hypoxemia — low levels of oxygen in the blood — which can be dangerous and even deadly to a pet. Oxygen is used to treat hypoxemia by increasing blood oxygen levels.

Fortunately, this is nothing new. Oxygen has frequently been used in human and veterinary medicine for decades. In the animal hospital, oxygen is used to treat hypoxemia related to anxiety, acute respiratory distress, and more. Pets may be given oxygen when coming up from anesthesia, during an exam, or while recovering from an episode related to a chronic condition like hypertension.

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Your pet’s condition will determine how oxygen should be used. For example, a dog with heart failure and a cat with asthma may both need oxygen, but the physiological reason they need oxygen is different. Therefore, they might be treated differently, with different oxygen products or administration methods.

Your veterinarian is the best resource for learning about your pet’s health needs, which may depend on their age, conditions, medications, and more. You can learn more about specific health conditions and how they related to oxygen therapy below.

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