Pet Oxygen Canister - 15 Liter

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Pawprint Oxygen’s Pet Oxygen Portable Canisters are a lightweight and durable solution for pet owners to administer pure oxygen to their pets and aid in their recovery from respiratory distress, providing a long-lasting supply whenever needed. Each canister contains 15L of (99%) oxygen. 

Pet Oxygen Canisters require a Regulator in order to function and provide oxygen flow. Our canisters are meant to be recycled after use. We have a 2 year shelf life on the seal of the canister, if the seal remains unbroken and is stored in a cool, dry space, the canisters will store in tact.

Next Day Air not available for products containing Oxygen Canisters, per O2 shipping regulations, ground shipping only.

Number of Canisters: 3 Pack

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