HemoSEAL Critical Pet Wound Spray

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Be prepared to stop bleeding in seconds with this easy-to-use spray! Just point and spray on the wound to treat bleeding resulting from punctures, trauma, nail clipping, and more. Made from dry chitosan powder, HemoSEAL Critical Wound Care Spray forms a physical barrier to stop the flow of blood without pain or gluing to fur. HemoSEAL is the first line of defense to help your pet by controlling blood loss. Ideal for use by pet owners, fire departments, veterinarians, farmers, hunters, and first responders. 

2.8oz (97 grams) per canister, recommended single-use. 

Size: 1 Pack

Shake and Apply

Spray HemoSEAL onto the wound.

Let Wound Clot

In seconds, watch as HemoSEAL creates a natural barrier to clot and stop bleeding in seconds.

Get To Emergency Care

HemoSEAL gives you the time you need to get to emergency care. Your veterinarian will safely remove HemoSEAL barrier at the hospital.

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Emergency Pet Wound Care

Accidents happen, but with HemoSEAL, you’re always ready. This critical wound care spray is essential for any pet owner. Its unique formula creates a natural barrier to stop bleeding instantly, giving you time to seek professional care.

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