What is Dog Oxygen Therapy?

Dog oxygen therapy involves the administration of supplemental oxygen to dogs, either through the use of a pet oxygen mask or by placing the dog in an oxygen-enriched environment, like a pet oxygen cage. Oxygen therapy can be used to treat a variety of long-term health conditions, acute respiratory attacks, or emergency situations like a housefire.

What is a Dog Oxygen Mask?

A Dog Oxygen Mask is a medical-grade Oxygen Mask, specially made for use on animals. Dog oxygen masks are transparent for the animals’ visibility, this reduces anxiety and stress induced by putting the device over the snout of your dog.

When shopping for a Dog Oxygen Mask, be sure to only consider purchasing masks with c02 vents. These vents remove the c02 from the mask while your dog breathes, making it a safe mask to use.

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Clear or transparent Pet Oxygen Masks help pet’s visibility levels during oxygen therapy treatments. Never consider purchasing a Dog Oxygen Mask that does not have C02 vents integrated on the mask.
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Dog Oxygen Masks

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How Do I Know If My Dog Needs Oxygen?

Take our 30-second quiz to find out if your Dog needs Oxygen. Below are a few scenarios where your dog would benefit from the use of oxygen.


Ongoing Health Conditions that benefit from Oxygen Therapy


Congestive heart failure

Laryngeal Paralysis

Pulmonary Hypertension

Collapsing Trachea

Acute Health Conditions that benefit from Oxygen Therapy


Asthma Attacks


Respiratory Distress

Preventative and Safety Measures

Are you located in an area that is prone to Wildfires and poor air quality? Would you feel safer knowing you have an emergency pet oxygen at home in case something happens?

These are great reasons to purchase a Pet Oxygen Kit to store in your home.