A respiratory illness affecting dogs is spreading rapidly, new states are reporting increased cases everyday- with symptoms including cough, fever, lethargy, and loss of appetite. 

When did this Outbreak Begin?

Although the exact date of the outbreak’s beginning is unknown, the Asher House is one of the more widely publicized cases, notably sparking the start of public awareness.

In August of this year, the Asher House, a prominent organization dedicated to the welfare of dogs, reached out to us with an urgent request. They were in need of our Pet Oxygen Chambers, Concentrators, and Pet Oxygen Masks to assist the dogs within their sanctuary who had been affected by the respiratory illness that has been spreading among canines.

“Because of the outpouring of love and support, all of our vet expenses have been covered,” he shared. “We purchased four at-home oxygen chambers, plus a new quarantine facility to put on the sanctuary. We do not need any more donations at this time, and I sincerely cannot thank you all enough.”


Asher also revealed the good news that all of the four sick dogs were home from the hospital and “on the road to recovery.” He added, “This has been very difficult experience for us, but having this amazing community come together has certainly helped in more ways then I could ever explain.”

How is the Respiratory Virus Transferred from Dog to Dog?

Although it may be to soon to tell, Veterinarians have speculated the virus could be contracted via close proximity to other dogs. It’s becoming a common factor that most dogs that come in for care have the commonality of being in places with a “high concentration of other dogs” ie. groomers, daycares, dog parks, and boarding facilities.


What symptoms should I look for in my Dog?

When dogs become infected with this respiratory illness, they commonly display a range of symptoms. One of the most noticeable signs is a persistent and sometimes forceful cough, which can be quite distressing for the dog.

Additionally, affected dogs often experience a fever, with their body temperature rising above normal levels. This can cause them to feel lethargic and less active than usual.

Another common symptom is intermittent loss of appetite, where the dog may show reduced interest in food at certain times. It’s important for dog owners to monitor their pets closely and seek veterinary care if any of these symptoms are observed.

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How is the respiratory illness diagnosed?

Take your dog to the veterinarian immediately for diagnosis. We are increasingly hearing that infected dogs are testing negative for most other common respiratory illnesses when they come in to get tested. Therefore, an informal diagnosis of this condition is often made through a process of elimination.

Your veterinarian may use ultrasound or x-ray imaging to properly diagnose your pet’s lungs and chest. We are seeing an increasing number of cases where dogs need to be put on oxygen if the condition escalates into pneumonia.


The Long Road To Recovery

Based on the reports we have received from pet parents, it appears that the recovery process for their pets affected by the respiratory illness is a significant and prolonged undertaking. Many parents have shared that their pets require a recovery period of at least 2 months or more.

As a result, some pet owners have made the decision to administer oxygen at home to their pets, rather than subjecting them to extended stays in urgent care facilities. This approach allows the pets to receive the necessary care and treatment in the comfort of their own familiar environment. By opting for home oxygen administration, pet parents are able to closely monitor their pets’ progress and provide them with the care they need throughout the extended recovery period.



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