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Veterinarian holding a portable oxygen kit

Portable Oxygen Solutions for Veterinarians

In this article, we'll explore portable oxygen solutions for veterinarians, including their applications, benefits, and considerations for use. We'll discuss how portable oxygen canisters have enha...

Veterinariansveterinarian grabbing oxygen kit

Veterinary Guide: Intro To Rescue & Transport Pet Oxygen

Pawprint Oxygen has introduced Rescue Oxygen for pets consisting of portable and safe Pawprint Oxygen Canisters, a fixed-flow Regulator, and a Pet Oxygen Mask. Originally designed for veterinarian...

Veterinariansoxygen kit in vet office

Veterinarian’s Guide: How to Refer Pawprint Oxygen to Your Patient

Using Pawprint Oyxgen's Rescue Kits are quick and easy to refer to and dispense to your clients. These kits are premade and provide just the right flow rate for 30-90 minutes of oxygen supply.

VeterinariansDog laying on the floor next to oxygen concentrator.

How Oxygen Concentrators Revolutionize Pet Care for Veterinarians

Veterinarians are now choosing new methods of oxygen therapy for their clinics. Oxygen cylinders are expensive, heavy, and hazardous. Oxygen concentrators can provide your hospital with high-purity...


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Veterinariansdog in oxygen chamber

Veterinary Grade Oxygen Cages for Pets

This blog post introduces Pawprint Oxygen's veterinary-grade Oxygen Cages for pets, which are trusted in thousands of homes and veterinary clinics.

VeterinariansMWI Animal Health Logo

Pawprint Oxygen Announces Collaboration with MWI Animal Health

We are excited to announce a collaboration with MWI Animal Health to provide veterinarians with the Pawprint Oxygen Canister Sy...

dog in oxygen cage

How to Choose The Right Pet Oxygen Cage

Choosing the right pet oxygen cage, tent, or chamber for your dog or cat can be challenging. Pet oxygen cages, tents, and chambers are used to administer oxygen to animals - let's find you and your...

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Pet Parentsdog outside oxygen cage

The Difference Between Palliative Care and Hospice for Dogs

To decide if palliative or hospice care is right for a dog, a thorough vet evaluation is crucial. This involves diagnostic tests, imaging, and possibly specialist consultations, providing accurate ...

Conditionssmall dog

What Medications Do Veterinarians Prescribe For Collapsed Trachea in Dogs?

Collapsed trachea is a common condition in dogs, especially in small breeds like Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, and Yorkies. This condition occurs when the tracheal rings, which are normally firm and rou...

Pet Parentsoverheating dog

Preventing Heatstroke: How to Keep Pets Cool in Hot Weather

Keeping your pets cool during hot weather is crucial for their safety and well-being. As temperatures rise, it's essential to monitor your pets closely and take proactive measures to prevent heatst...