Here’s a summary of the top five pet insurance brands for going into 2024, along with their pros, cons, and websites for more detailed information:

petsbest health insurance

1. Pets Best

    • Pros: Customizable plans, accident-only plan, optional wellness add-ons, short waiting periods, competitive pricing.
    • Cons: Longer claim processing time (7-14 days), excludes alternative/holistic therapies and C-sections.
    • Discounts: 5% off for multiple pets and military members.
    • Website: Pets Best
    pet insurance

    2. Fetch

    • Pros: Covers pets as young as six weeks, VirtualVet visit coverage, comprehensive coverage including behavioral and holistic therapies.
    • Cons: No direct vet payment option, no accident-only plan, longer accident waiting period (15 days).
    • Discounts: Various discounts including 10% for AARP members.
    • Website: Fetch
      petsbest health insurance

      3. Healthy Paws

      • Pros: Unlimited payouts, fast claim processing (2 days), direct vet payment option.
      • Cons: Limited customization, no accident-only plan, longer waiting periods for certain conditions.
      • Discount: None listed
      • Website: Healthy Paws
      embrace pet insurance

      4. Embrace

      • Pros: Comprehensive coverage including dental illness, behavioral therapy, and alternative therapies, shorter waiting periods, customizable plans.
      • Cons: Accident-only coverage for pets enrolled after 15 years, excludes C-sections.
      • Discounts: Multiple pet discount, military discount, and others.
      • Website: Embrace
      figo pet insurance

      5. Figo

      • Pros: Extensive coverage at a good value, fast claim processing, customizable plans, covers curable pre-existing conditions after a year symptom-free.
      • Cons: Annual increases to premiums
      • Discount: None Listed
      • Website: Figo

      The cost of pet insurance typically ranges between $40 and $130 per month, depending on various factors such as your pet’s age, breed, and the chosen coverage. It’s important to compare the cost versus value when selecting a policy. For more detailed information and to get specific quotes, you should visit each company’s website.

      Remember, the best choice will depend on your specific needs, your pet’s health, and your budget. It’s recommended to read the fine print and understand the coverage details before making a decision​

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