As pet owners, our Pets safety is always a top priority. Injuries, unfortunately, can happen at any time – whether it’s during a hike or in the comfort of your home. This is where HemoSEAL Critical Pet Wound Spray comes in – a revolutionary instant blood clotting spray that’s a game-changer in pet emergency care. Let’s dive into why HemoSEAL is an essential item for your pet’s first aid kit.

What is HemoSEAL Critical Pet Wound Spray?

HemoSEAL is an innovative product designed to stop bleeding in pets quickly and efficiently. Its active ingredient, chitosan, initiates a rapid clotting process, making it incredibly effective for managing bleeds. It’s easy to apply – just a quick spray over the wound, and the bleeding slows down significantly, if not stops entirely.

HemoSEAL is meant for serious injuries, down to small cuts. When using the canister on a wound, the clotting spray will cover the wound, initiate the clotting process instantly. 

It can be rinsed off of a wound with a wet gauze. In a severe injury, this is usually done by a veterinarian because the pet owner would use the product to stop bleeding to then take their pet to the ER. For smaller wounds, this cleaning process can easily be done at home. 


Why Every Pet First Aid Kit Needs HemoSEAL

A first aid kit is incomplete without the right tools to handle bleeding, one of the most common pet emergencies. HemoSEAL is the perfect addition, offering quick action in critical moments. It’s especially useful in instances where immediate veterinary care isn’t accessible.

Common scenarios where HemoSEAL would be used include:

  • Outdoor Injuries: Imagine your dog accidentally steps on a sharp object during a hike. With HemoSEAL, you can manage the bleeding instantly, preventing the situation from worsening.
  • Home Accidents: Cats love to explore, and sometimes they get hurt, like getting cut from a broken vase. HemoSEAL helps you take control of such emergencies swiftly.
  • Post-Surgical Care: Minor bleeding after vet visits can be managed effectively with HemoSEAL, providing comfort until you can get professional help.
  • Car Accident: If your Pet should get in a critical car accident, you would apply HemoSEAL to the injury site, and gain the time you need to get them to emergency care.

How to Use HemoSEAL Critical Pet Wound Spray

Using HemoSEAL is straightforward. Clean the wound, shake the can, and spray it from a distance of about 6 inches. The spray acts fast, so you’ll see results quickly. Leave the product on until you get to care or the bleeding has stopped, this time is wound-dependant, so it varies. When you or your Vet is ready, HemoSEAL can be rinsed off with a wet gauze – an easy cleanup process.

pet blood clotting spray

Preparedness is key in handling pet emergencies. With HemoSEAL in your pet’s first aid kit, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re ready to tackle any bleeding incidents effectively.


HemoSEAL pet wound spray


Made from dry chitosan powder, HemoSEAL Critical Wound Care Spray forms a physical barrier to stop the flow of blood without pain or gluing to fur. HemoSEAL is the first line of defense to help your pet by controlling blood loss.


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