The top 5 Benefits of taking your pet to work

Did you know that having pets in the workplace has been proven to reduce stress and nurture productivity?

According to an article written by researchers at USC, short walks, a little playtime, and temporary distractions allow mental breaks that help avoid overworking and unnecessary stress.

1. Pet owners who bring their pets to work get more exercise

Bringing your pet to work significantly increases your daily exercise. Getting more steps in the day and standing up from your desk to take your pet outside can be small. healthy breaks from an otherwise sedentary day. 

Having an “excuse” to take. a quick walk outside with your pet can be just the reminder some employees need to stand up, stretch and take. a walk outside. 

2. Pet owners can get more Vitamin D during the day

Walking your pet outside during the workday can significantly increase your exposure to Vitamin D throughout the day.

Vitamin D has been associated with the following benefits:


Reducing the likelihood of severe illnesses

This can be a huge benefit for employer-paid health insurance plans

Supports a strong immune system

A stronger immune system means less time an employee might take off for sick time

Boosts mood and reduces rates of depression

A happier employee makes for an all-around better working environment for everyone in the office

taking your pet to work can reduce stress

3. Having a pet in the office can lead to better time efficiency

Knowing that you have to take your pet out 2-3 times during a work day typically helps employees be more efficient with their time. Employees who are more time efficient usually produce more work during their work week.


4. Small breaks during the day is better for mental health

Taking a break from work increases focus when employees return to work, thus improving their productivity. Additionally, taking breaks relieves some stress, which helps employees’ mental health and well-being. 


5. Pets reduce stress

Did you know that simply petting a dog has been proven to reduce the stress hormone cortisol? Not only do pet owners feel less stressed by having their pets with them in the office, but having. a pet around for other employees to enjoy has stress-relief benefits for the entire office.

An opposite effect would show that pet owners who have to leave their pet at home or drop them off at a day-care facility are actually more stressed during the day thinking about their pets safety.