We make it easy to get started with Pawprint Oxygen Canisters! Pawprint Oxygen Canisters are a part of a 3 part system (also known as the Transport and Rescue system). This system is designed to help you provide oxygen therapy to your pet at home and on the go. Each box of Pawprint Oxygen Canisters includes simple, clear instructions to help you get started.

Here’s a short introduction to the three parts of the system, an overview of the step-wise process for getting started, and some helpful hints!

An easy to use, lightweight source of oxygen therapy

This three part system was designed to be an affordable way to provide short-term or rescue oxygen to your pet:

  1. The Pet Oxygen Mask: This is the method of administration that can use to deliver oxygen therapy from the Oxygen Canister to your pet. It comes in 3 sizes (small- for cats, medium- for small dogs, and large- for medium and large dogs). *Here’s a hint: If you notice that your pet seems uncomfortable with the mask on, remove the black liner and try again. This allows more visibility for the pet and may make them more receptive of the mask.
  2. The Regulator: This is pre-set to a fixed- flow (so you don’t have to worry about changing anything!) that is determined by your prescribing veterinarian. We offer 3 different flow rates: 0.5LPM, 1LPM, and 2LPM. The regulator has a super easy-to-read dial on it which tells you the fullness of the Canister.
  3. Pawprint Oxygen Canister: This is a super low pressure canister (which is what makes it so safe for transport!) providing up to 20 minutes of oxygen therapy. You can purchase as many of these as you would like!

Setting up the Transport and Rescue System

Inside of your box, you will see our easy set up instructions for assembling the Pawprint Oxygen Canisters:

  1. Insert the Regulator into the Oxygen Canister. They fit together as a perfect pair!
  2. Twist the Regulator clockwise to begin flow. *Helpful hint: When you first get your package, don’t be scared to try this out! Practice putting the regulator into the can and turning it “on”! Try this a few times! It is better to be prepared and know how to quickly do this than to be trying it out for the first time in the midst of an emergency. You can even put your finger over the oxygen port (the silver part where the oxygen comes out) to block the oxygen from flowing out as you practice.
  3. Attach the tubing and Mask to begin therapy. Attach one end of the tubing to the end of the mask and the other end of the tubing to the oxygen port. You should hear a hiss coming from the mask as the oxygen runs into it!
  4. Replace the Oxygen Canister when the gauge on the Regulator reads “Empty.” It is super easy to switch between canisters. All you have to do is twist the empty canister off from the regulator and attach a new one!

Still have questions about the system or getting started? Give us a call today at 855-699-4366. Our customer sales representatives are available Monday- Friday 9am- 5pm EST. You can also visit our website by clicking here.