Welcome to the world of modern pet care, where the health and comfort of our furry friends are paramount and Veterinary Care is keeping up with human care. One of the emerging trends in pet healthcare is the availability of home oxygen therapy for dogs. This article will guide you through the process of obtaining oxygen for your dog, with a special focus on Pawprint Oxygen, a leading provider in the field.

The Rising Availability of Home Oxygen Therapy for Pets

In recent years, there’s been a significant increase in the demand for home oxygen therapy for pets. This therapy is crucial for dogs with respiratory issues, heart conditions, or during emergency situations. The convenience of having this life-saving treatment at home cannot be overstated, especially because it has only been available in a Veterinary hospital, before now.

giving your dog oxygen

Pawprint Oxygen: Your Go-To Source for Pet Oxygen Solutions

When it comes to reliable and high-quality oxygen solutions for pets, Pawprint Oxygen stands out. Available on pawprintoxygen.com, they offer tailored solutions for your pet’s oxygen needs, ensuring your beloved dog receives the best care possible. Pawprint Oxygen works with thousands of Veterinary clinics and hospitals, providing Oxygen solutions that Veterinarians use on a daily bases. 

Pawprint Oxygen has now introduced an Oxygen Rescue kit for Pets. Pet owners are now able to purchase these kits to have at home in case of an emergency, or deterioration in their Pet’s condition. The availability of these Oxygen Kits now gives Pet Parents the ability to administer Oxygen to their Pet in transport back to Veterinary emergency care, with life-saving Oxygen.

Understanding Your Oxygen Options: Mobile Oxygen Rescue Kit vs. Oxygen Chambers and Concentrators


Oxygen Therapy Rescue Kits

Our Oxygen Therapy Rescue Kits are a fantastic way for Veterinarians to send a patient home with a resource to help them get back to care if they need to. Pet Owners can also purchase this for a home emergency or for a dog’s condition where they need respiratory aid symptomatically. This is especially helpful in rural areas where Pet Parents may have a longer trip to and from care.



Oxygen Chamber and Concentrator 

Oxygen Chamber and Concentrator bundles are mainly for pets with an “above symptomatic” condition. These are longer-term conditions where your Pet could benefit from extended Oxygen Therapy. This option is especially helpful for Pet Parents when they are looking to save money, as a typical Oxygen session at the ER will range anywhere from $1000-2000 a day for your Pet.


dog in pet oxygen chamber

1. Oxygen Chamber

Our Oxygen Chambers are cost effective, mobile (not built into a wall) and durable. Pet Owners can set these up with ease in their own home and administer multiple times a day. 

How to Purchase Oxygen for your Dog from Pawprint Oxygen

Purchasing from Pawprint Oxygen is a straightforward process. Simply visit pawprintoxygen.com, browse your Oxygen options, and select the product that best suits your pet’s needs.

The only time you will need a prescription from your veterinarian is if your cart contains and Oxygen Concentrator, as those are our only prescription-required products. 

During the checkout process, we will ask for your Veterinarian’s information (if you have a prescription-required product) so that we can contact them about the Prescription. We’re happy to hop on the phone with them to let them know about our safety features for the products and help guide them if need be!


Customer Experiences and Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it – numerous pet owners have shared their positive experiences with Pawprint Oxygen. From life-saving stories in emergency situations to the peace of mind provided by the Oxygen Chamber, these testimonials highlight the real-world benefits of these products.


Love this company

When our runt French Bulldog had a breathing issue after BOAS surgery and almost died, we decided to look into finding an oxygen system for our home. Pawprint guided us to find the right system and it is working great. We use the home oxygen box anytime she seems to be breathing with more effort. Our goal was to keep a crisis situation from ever happening again. So far so good. I highly recommend Pawprints. They have fantastic customer service and the products are high quality. Best of luck.

Oxygen helped so much!

The Oxygen was packaged nicely and gave me great peace of mind to have for my sweetheart. I give him a little here and there as needed and it is helping give him that boost of oxygen so he can heal faster! I noticed improvement after the first use! Thank you!

Great Product and Service

My dog had a ruptured chordae tendineae and needed a week of oxygen therapy till the meds started to help her heart. This device saved me a few days in the ER which would have been thousands of dollars. The company was very helpful in answering my questions about setup and best use for my dog.

Ready to explore the oxygen therapy options for your dog? Visit pawprintoxygen.com today to learn more, and consult with your veterinarian to determine the best course of action for your pet’s health needs.

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