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How Can I Get Oxygen Therapy For My Dog At Home?

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Just like people, dogs can suffer from medical conditions that require oxygen therapy. Some common conditions that may require oxygen are congestive heart failure (CHF), pulmonary hypertension, collapsing trachea, and laryngeal paralysis. In years past, pet owners’ only option would be to take their dog to the vet for regular oxygen therapy treatments, which can be stressful and costly, or to rely on dangerous and heavy oxygen tanks for treatment. 

For urgent situations, transporting a pet to the ER can become a race against the clock. Since many families do not have an emergency clinic in close range for off-hour emergencies, a long trip to the closest facility may become a very dangerous situation for your dog. In Today's rapidly changing veterinary care space, pet owners now have access to life-saving oxygen therapy treatments for their dogs.

The Need for At-Home Oxygen Therapy For Dogs

With Pawprint Oxygen, home oxygen therapy for dogs is now possible, without a prescription! Our products keep your pets out of the ER unless necessary, which helps to lower costs and stress for both you and your pet. Our equipment is also accessible for families, as we keep costs low without sacrificing quality, leading to better overall outcomes for your pet.

Common conditions for pet's benefiting from oxygen therapy at home include, but are not limited to:

  • Pneumonia
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Collapsed Trachea
  • Pulmonary Hypertension
  • General Respiratory Distress
  • Mitral Valve Disease
  • Laryngeal Paralysis
  • Lung Cancer
  • Bronchitis
  • Brachycephalic Syndrome
  • Heart Murmur

Safety and Effectiveness of Home Oxygen Therapy for Dogs

Oxygen therapy has come a long way from the heavy, high-pressure cylinders that have primarily been used in the past. The portable oxygen canisters in the Pawprint Oxygen Kits are lightweight and low-pressure, about the same as an aerosol can of hair spray. The canisters are safe to use for at home oxygen therapy and in the car and are safe to store and use in both hot and cold climates. 

There is also no need to pay removal fees or refill fees with the portable oxygen canisters like you would with a large tank of oxygen. Once empty, just throw the canisters in your recycling bin. You can always purchase more canisters when needed.

Talking to veterinarians, we can see that doctors are also glad they no longer have to rely on the less mobile and very dangerous oxygen therapy options of the past.

“As a critical care specialist, I have cases that need oxygen during transport or while at home. Pawprint Oxygen is exactly what I was looking for the past few decades.”

Dr. Biddle, DVM, DACVECC

For long-term oxygen therapy for pets that need more than 30 minutes of oxygen a day, the safe alternative to the heavy cylinder is a medical-grade oxygen concentrator like the Pawprint Pro5 5 Liter Oxygen Concentrator. An oxygen concentrator produces oxygen by pulling in room air and concentrating the oxygen down to 96% oxygen gas. 

Unlike heavy cylinders of oxygen, the oxygen concentrator does not need to be refilled. Just plug in the unit, and it produces oxygen for up to 30,000 hours (that’s about four years of 24/7 run time!) Because of this, there is no danger from storing oxygen under high pressure. Your pet will also never go without oxygen therapy while the cylinder is being refilled.

Additionally, every Pawprint Oxygen item is tested by a technician before leaving our facility. Our technicians check every canister, flow regulator, and concentrator to ensure flow rates are registering correctly, so that your pet is receiving the correct dose prescribed by your veterinarian. We ensure your equipment is clean and packed with care.

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How to Get Start Therapy for your Dog

Getting started with Pawprint Oxygen is simple, and the Pawprint Oxygen team can assist you along the way. Our Pawprint Oxygen Portable Kits do not require prescription approval from your veterinarian. The only time you would need a prescription is if you're shopping for our Extended Therapy Bundles (anything with a concentrator).

For Prescription Items Only:

Suppose you have already talked to your veterinarian about starting your dog on oxygen therapy. In this case, your veterinarian can send us a completed prescription form either via fax or email or by calling to provide a verbal authorization over the phone.

Once our team receives your prescription approval, we will give you a call right away to get your order going. Your order will then be shipped out and arrives at your door with clear, concise instructions for set-up and usage. Our team is also available daily during the week to help with any questions you may have.

If you would prefer to order online, you can place your order at and select the option at checkout for us to call your vet on your behalf to get the prescription approval, or to upload a copy of your prescription if you already have one. Once we receive approval, we will get your order moved along for shipping right away.

Dog Oxygen Rescue Kit

Our Oxygen Rescue Kits are designed to help your dog exactly when they need it. You can administer on-the-spot oxygen or oxygen in transport while on your way to emergency care. Dogs needing this rescue kit would likely suffer from more acute health conditions like seizures or be in a high-risk category that you'd like to keep a kit on hand to transport them with.

PureVent 5L Medical-Grade Oxygen Concentrator

The Oxygen Concentrator plugs into a wall outlet (120V) and concentrates oxygen from room air, providing high purity oxygen gas (>90%). The Oxygen Concentrator provides an endless supply of continuous flow oxygen therapy and is recommended for pets requiring extended oxygen therapy (more than one hour per day). Use the Oxygen Concentrator with a PureVent Pet Oxygen Mask or an Oxygen Cage

Ongoing Care and Support

The Pawprint Oxygen team is here to help before, during, and after your order has been placed. Most pet owners are not familiar with oxygen therapy before finding out their pet needs it. Our team has been thoroughly trained to help you understand how to safely use your equipment so that your pet receives the proper care. We work with your veterinarian to ensure the equipment you’re receiving is exactly what your pet needs.

We are also well-versed in how to get your pet comfortable receiving oxygen therapy. Many pet owners are worried their dog may not accept the mask or may not get used to using the oxygen therapy cage. With a little positive reinforcement, some treat training, calm words, or the addition of a fluffy blanket, we have guided thousands of pets and pet parents to become comfortable with oxygen therapy.

Pawprint Oxygen: A Reliable Solution for At-Home Oxygen Therapy for Your Dog

With more dogs being adopted in the US than ever before, veterinary care must keep up with the demand of providing our furry loved ones with the best medical care available. Oxygen therapy is no exception. Moving away from the unwieldy oxygen tanks of the past, Pawprint Oxygen is the solution to providing your dog with medical-grade oxygen therapy in the comfort of your home, ensuring they receive the best care possible. In the case of an emergency, where emergency care is necessary, you can rest assured that you have an oxygen therapy source on hand to get your dog safely to the facility for life-saving treatment.

Pawprint Oxygen is a reliable solution, working alongside your veterinarian to make sure the items you order are exactly what your pet needs. Our care team is available to help you with any setup and usage questions and to offer guidance when determining what type of oxygen therapy is right for your dog. Our goal is to keep your dogs happy and healthy for as long as possible.

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