Erin and Max (Malti-poo)
I have been using Pawprint Oxygen Canisters to assist my 9.5 yr old Malti-poo with his heart-related breathing problems for the past several months.  It has saved me many trips to the emergency room as well as over hundreds of dollars in vet fees!!!   Also my dog Max is happy to stay at home instead of going to the vet. He is on several medications to help fluid from accumulating in his lungs and to help regulate his heart rate because of an enlarged heart and a valve problem.   Occasionally Max has an episode which interferes with his oxygen intake.  Recently he started fainting if he got too excited.   Pawprint Oxygen saved him on these occasions!!  Max was a bit apprehensive the first time he had to have the device put on him (it's very very easy to use). But now he welcomes it and is comforted. I am so grateful and thankful for this product!!!

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