RX Form

Veterinarians can fill out this form to approve a prescription

Oxygen Therapy Options

A summary of our options for oxygen therapy

Submitting a Prescription

Veterinarians can submit a prescription by completing the RX Approval Form and sending it by fax (855-699-3366) or email (

If you are submitting a prescription in your own format, please be sure to include the following:

  • Pet owner name, phone number, and email
  • Pet name, species, breed, weight, and age
  • Hospital, veterinarian, and license lumber
  • Oxygen flow rate
  • Pet Oxygen Mask size
  • Oxygen Cage size

All prescriptions must be signed by the attending veterinarian.

For prescriptions submitted within normal business hours (M-F, 9am-5pm EST), pet owners can expect a call from a Pawprint Oxygen Team Member within 2 hours to complete their order. For prescriptions submitted outside of normal business hours, pet owners can expect a call the next business day.

If your order is urgent or requires special instructions, please call us at 855-699-4366. 

Oxygen Flow Rate and Dosage Guidelines

Veterinarians: You are responsible for determining the oxygen flow rate based on the delivery method (i.e. Pet Oxygen Mask, Oxygen Cage, etc.), animal weight, and desired inspired concentration. While we provide guidelines, we defer to the attending veterinarian and require that the dosage and flow rate is decided by the veterinarian.

Important Note: The required oxygen flow rate for your pet will differ depending on the delivery method used.

Flow Rate for the Pet Oxygen Mask

The Pet Oxygen Mask is used with Pawprint Oxygen Canisters and may also be used with an Oxygen Concentrator (optional). The Pet Oxygen Mask requires lower flow rates compared to the Oxygen Cage because it is a more efficient delivery method.

Using the Pet Oxygen Mask with Pawprint Oxygen Canisters: Three flow rates are available: 0.5, 1.0, and 2.0 LPM. The Regulator will be factory set to the flow rate prescribed by your veterinarian. The flow rate of the Regulator is not adjustable once it is set.

Using the Pet Oxygen Mask with an Oxygen Concentrator: The flow rate is adjustable between 1-5 LPM. Follow the Dosage Chart for animals less than 50 lbs. For animals that are larger than the guidelines provided in the chart, the veterinarian must determine an appropriate flow rate (up to 5 LPM). The “Time Till Empty” column in the chart does not apply, as Oxygen Concentrators do not deplete.

Flow Rate for the Oxygen Cage

Oxygen Cages may only be used with an Oxygen Concentrator at flow rates of at least 5 LPM. Oxygen Cages cannot be used with Pawprint Oxygen Canisters due to flow rate requirements.

Oxygen Cages require higher flow rates than Pet Oxygen Masks due to their volume.


Sizing for Pet Oxygen Masks

Pet Oxygen Masks are available in 3 sizes:

  • Small: Best for cats and neonates
  • Medium: Best for dogs under 20 lbs
  • Large: Best for dogs over 20 lbs or dogs with wide snouts

Each Pet Oxygen Mask is equipped with 6 ft of standard oxygen tubing.

Sizing for Oxygen Cages

The Buster ICU Oxygen Cage is available in 3 sizes:

  • Small (18″x 13″x 13″): Best for animals under 5 lbs
  • Medium (24″x 18″x 18″): Best for cats and small dogs under 25 lbs
  • Large (44″x 26″x 26″): Best for dogs over 25 lbs


Warranty Policies

Oxygen Concentrator Warranty Policy

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