Oxygen Tubing


Our medical-grade oxygen tubing is designed specifically for pets and their oxygen needs. Whether you’re using a pet oxygen concentrator, oxygen cage, or portable kit, our tubing delivers reliable and efficient oxygen flow to your pet. Our tubing is made from high-quality materials, ensuring a safe and durable product. Whether you’re a pet owner, veterinarian, or animal caregiver, our oxygen tubing is an essential tool for ensuring your pet’s optimal health and well-being.

What's Inside

7 or 25ft of medical grade Oxygen Tubing

Additional Information

Medical-grade Oxygen Tubing

More Oxygen at your fingertips

Our new 15L Oxygen Canister size can provide up to 50% more oxygen (depending on your pet’s size) from our previous 10L version.


More Oxygen

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of using the 25ft length of tubing with the Oxygen Concentrator?

While the concentrator units operate at a fairly low volume of 30-35db, sometimes you don’t want to hear the machine humming all day long! With this extra length, you can feel free to leave your concentrator in a closet (with 6 inches of clearance from the back) or in another room and still have plenty of tubing to move around the house to treat your pet where they are most comfortable.

My oxygen tubing has kinked over time. Can I order a replacement?

Yes you can! We have both 7ft and 25 ft lengths available and you can order these online without a prescription or give us a call at 855-699-4366 to order over the phone.

Are the different lengths of oxygen tubing interchangeable?

Yes, they are. Our oxygen tubing is compatible with all of our products, including any Oxygen Concentrator, the Buster ICU Oxygen Cage, the Pet Oxygen Mask, and any Oxygen Kit.

Happy Paws

We’ve helped thousands of pet parents and veterinarians administer life-saving Oxygen to animals

Bridget M.

“Pawprint is super easy to work with! They are always friendly and knowledgeable! If you have a little fur baby that is in need of oxygen, I highly recommend them for your needs. Pawprint has been a life saver, literally, for our baby boy Charlie!”

Carol S.

“Our 18 year old dog has had a few episodes, pawprint oxygen has helped him recover. They are super easy to order from, and just as easy in user friendliness with the oxygen tanks. We just reordered!”

Garret M.

“Pawprint has helped my dogs breathing issues greatly. He has Congestive Heart Failure and needs a little extra help breathing at times. There customer service is so friendly and easy to work with. Thank you Pawprint for helping keep out little guys Spike a little more comfortable.”