Expecting a litter of puppies soon? Be prepared by having Pawprint Emergency on hand

Be prepared and make sure that each runt comes out happy and healthy. Keep rescue oxygen canisters or an oxygen concentrator on hand so that you will be ready if one of them is hypoxic and needs help fast. 

What is Hypoxemia?

Hypoxemia, or low blood oxygen levels, is a major risk to the health of a newborn puppy. If left untreated, hypoxemia can lead to long-term health consequences and even premature death. Hypoxemia results when a puppy is not able to take in enough oxygen.

Symptoms of hypoxemia include blue tongue or gums, high respiratory rate, airway noises (wheezing, honking, squealing, or snoring), panting when breathing, fainting, shortness of breath and more. Having an oxygen source on hand, such as Oxygen Canisters or an Oxygen Concentrator, can help you to prevent hypoxemia in your newborn puppies.

Pawprint Oxygen offers a variety of options for providing oxygen therapy to newborn puppies.

oxygen mask for dogs

Pawprint Oxygen Canisters

This is a lightweight, easy to use, portable option. Canisters are great to have on hand in case a puppy goes into immediate respiratory distress or needs to be transported to a nearby emergency practice. Each canister provides up to 20 minutes of oxygen therapy. This emergency transport oxygen aid can make or break a long travel trip to a healthcare facility. Shop Here to learn more about Pawprint Oxygen Canisters.

buster icu pet oxygen chamber for dogs and cats

The Oxygen Concentrator

The Oxygen Concentrator works by drawing in room air and purifying it into oxygen gas (>90%). This oxygen gas can then be delivered to the puppy through a variety of administrator devices, such as the Pet Oxygen Mask or an Oxygen Cage. Learn more about Pet Oxygen Concentrators here

venturi kit for pet oxygen chambers

The Buster ICU Oxygen Cage

The Buster ICU Pet Oxygen Cage is another device used for effective oxygen administration. The Cage is preferred in situations where a puppy may require a longer period of oxygen treatment. For example, if a newborn is blue when coming out of their mother, the cage may be a good option for providing oxygen treatment to the puppy for a few hours each day during its first few days of life. 

purevent pet oxygen mask

The PureVent Pet Oxygen Mask

The Purevent Pet Oxygen Mask is the preferred oxygen administration device for at-home use. It is easy to use and allows for safe and immediate oxygen administration to a newborn puppy. The Pet Oxygen Mask can be used with the Pawprint Oxygen Canisters or an Oxygen Concentrator.