How to Use an Oxygen Concentrator and Cage for Pets

Is your dog or cat suffering from bronchitis, kennel cough, lungworm, pneumonia, or an upper respiratory distress? If so, you might want to consider using a pet oxygen concentrator and pet oxygen chamber to help alleviate your pet’s breathing problems.

Here’s how to use a pet oxygen concentrator and oxygen chamber for dogs and cats and what you should look for when selecting one.

What is a Pet Oxygen Concentrator?

An Oxygen Concentrator functions by concentrating room air into high-purity oxygen gas. For pets, an Oxygen Concentrator is commonly used with a Pet Oxygen Mask or a Pet Oxygen Cage to provide oxygen to your pet.
Drive 10 Liter Oxygen Concentrator for pets
Oxygen concentrators are medical devices that filter and concentrate oxygen molecules from the surrounding air to produce oxygen that is 90-95% pure oxygen. Unlike pre-filled oxygen tanks, oxygen concentrators can run for 24-hours at a time and never need to be refilled or thrown away. A Pet Oxygen Concentrator provides supplemental oxygen to animals suffering from common breathing issues like:

How to use an Oxygen Concentrator with a Oxygen Cage 

The amount of oxygen needed to supply your Pet Oxygen Cage is dependant on the size of your pet and the volume of space in the cage (small, medium, or large).

pet oxygen cage, buster ICU

Testing shows that you need at least 5 liters per minute of >93% oxygen, used with the Venturi System, to achieve acceptable levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide in a Pet oxygen cage; that is equivalent in size to our Medium Buster ICU Oxygen Cage. This can be achieved with the Pawprint Pet Oxygen Concentrator, Pro 5.

You need at least 10 liters per minute of >93% oxygen used with the Venturi System to achieve acceptable levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide in a cage that is equivalent in size to our Large Buster ICU Oxygen Cage. This can be achieved with the Drive Medical 1025DS.

How to set up your Pet Oxygen Concentrator and Cage


Set your flow rate on your Pet oxygen concentrator according to the recommended rate (ask your veterinarian)

Step 1: Connect the oxygen tubing to your pet oxygen concentrator

how to give your dog oxygen in an oxygen tent

Step 2: Using the Venturi System, Connect the other end of your oxygen tubing to your pet oxygen chamber

using oxygen for dogs and cats at home

Step 3: Always monitor your pet while giving extended therapy treatments, zip the cage (almost closed) leaving a part of the door open for c02 ventilation

Drive 10 Liter Oxygen Concentrator for pets

Pet Oxygen Concentrator, Drive 10

A safe and easy way to administer oxygen therapy to your pet. compatible with a Large Buster ICU pet oxygen cage.

Drive 10 Liter Oxygen Concentrator for pets

What do the different lights on my Oxygen Concentrator mean?


A solid green light indicates that medical grade oxygen (>93%) is flowing out of the oxygen port.

Depending on the model, a yellow light or a blinking green light on the Oxygen Concentrator means that the unit is “warming up”. It may take up to 15 minutes for this light to switch to green.

If the red light is on, first make sure that the flow rate is at or below the maximum flow rate. This is indicated by the red line on the flowmeter. To decrease the flow rate, twist the dial clockwise. It may take multiple full rotations to bring the flow rate down below the red line. Next, check to make sure that there are not any blockages in the oxygen tubing. If the red light persists, please call Pawprint Oxygen at 855-699-4366.

How long should an extended oxygen therapy session last for my pet?


Treatments should typically last 1 to 2 hours for your pet. You are able to administer oxygen to your pet up to 3 times a day with a recommended 4 hours between sessions. Always refer to your veterinarian for a recommended treatment schedule for your pet and their condition.

When should I use a Pet Oxygen Concentrator with a Pet Oxygen Mask?

When a pet is having immediate respiratory distress, an Oxygen Concentrator is best used with a Pet Oxygen Mask. To begin oxygen therapy, plug in the Oxygen Concentrator, to any standard wall outlet, and attach the clear oxygen tubing to the Pet Oxygen Mask and Concentrator.

purevent pet oxygen mask

Remember to remove the black rubber diaphragm found at the end of the Mask. This will create greater visibility for a pet and they will be more comfortable and accepting of the Mask. Generally, the Pet Oxygen Mask is well suited for short-term oxygen therapy sessions.

Important Note: Concentrators are not for mobile use (in vehicles) they are for long-term, extended therapy at home.

Getting your pet to Emergency Care: Using Pawprint’s Portable Oxygen Kits For Pets

If you are looking for a oxygen system for pets that’s designed to be mobile and transport friendly, take a look at our line of portable pet oxygen kits. Our portable pet oxygen is made specifically for getting your pet safely to an emergency care facility, in case of acute respiratory distress (ie. asthma attacks) or to carry with you or store at home for emergency situations (ie. house fires, emergency care).