Oxygen and Pet Health

Does my companion animal need oxygen?

Decisions regarding the health of your pet should always be advised by your veterinarian. On this page, we’ll review some common conditions and situations in which oxygen therapy may be able to help. Questions specific to your pet should be taken up with your veterinarian. 

Communicating with your veterinarian

We make it easy for you to discuss Pawprint Oxygen with your veterinarian. Download the information below and send it to your veterinarian, giving them everything they need to write and send a prescription.

for veterinarians

Determining Oxygen Flow Rate

Use the chart to determine the correct flow rate for your animal.

While we provide recommended dosages, we always defer to the presiding veterinarian and recommend that dosage and flow rate is decided by the veterinarian.

The Oxygen Flow Rate will depend on the weight of your animal and its oxygen needs. Typical flow rates for cats and small dogs are 0.5 – 1.0 liters per minute. Larger animals or animals with more severe respiratory distress may require higher flow rates.

Keep in mind, each canister of Pawprint Oxygen contains 10 liters of oxygen, so higher flow rates will decrease the duration of each canister.

Home Prescriptions

Provide the next level of care to your respiratory distressed patients. Pawprint Oxygen can help manage congestive heart failure, laryngeal paralysis, collapsing trachea, feline asthma, respiratory distress in brachycephlic breeds, and other conditions where respiratory embarrasment is common.


Use Pawprint Oxygen to transport oxygen depenedent patients between primary care, referral hospitals, and home. Designed with pet owners in mind, Pawprint Oxygen is easy to use, with no more costly equipment or complicated returns. 


Use Pawprint Oxygen for triage and as a back-up for existing oxygen systems. Our portable canisters have a two year shelf life, making them perfect for quick and reliable oxygen relief in any situation.

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